Arumi 1 Table

Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance, the Arumi outdoor table is one of those designs we’re fascinated by at Diabla because it’s the result of such clever thinking. This is the narrowest and longest model, but the Arumi series also includes another  two options in different sizes. It’s not a question of offering you more sizes, but because when they’re combined with each other you’ll be able to get a variety of occasional table arrangements, depending on how you set them up. A piece whose final look is left entirely up to your creativity, or to the types of arrangement you need at any given time.

You can place Arumi outdoor tables in a line or next to each other. In both cases, placing them together along the side with the smallest amount of surface, like table legs, gives the set an added visual impact. When making your own arrangement, remember you can also place them horizontally or vertically. They’re made from powder coated aluminium, so they don’t weigh very much. You can easily move them around as much as you like.